Marcia Adams’ Restaurant — your kitchen away from home

Zsa-zsa C. Zorilla

Lush greens, cold air, rustic and Mediterranean-inspired interiors, flowers here and there just like your GrandMa’s home and not to forget, full-course meal cooked especially for you—homey-inviting-a-kitchen-away-from-your-home feel is what Marcia Adams’ Restaurant is all about.

Signature dishes at Marcia Adams'Marcia Adams’ Restaurant is a Mediterranean-inspired garden restaurant situated in Alfonso, Cavite, an hour or so ride via expressway, a place away from the hustle and bustle of Manila—a definite and sure go-to place that won’t disappoint.

Starting from the parking lot, you will be immediately greeted by the greens and flowers sprawling in the area. As you walk your way towards the Mediterranean-inspired (Tuscan, French and Greek) villas on stony with engraved words pathways, your noses will be filled with the fresh scent of different flowers which perfectly compliment the cold weather of Tagaytay-Alfonso, Cavite. Your eyes will surely wonder around the place and will make you think — Oh thank goodness this place exists and not too far away from the polluted and stress-much Manila area—thank goodness for this refuge place.

Marcia’s initially had plant selling as a business but she realized that her plant-collector clients; of which were mostly from Manila-area, won’t really traverse to Alfonso-Tagaytay all the way from Manila to just buy plants — and that’s how she came with the idea of putting up a business.

She’s told her husband, Neil Adams: “We need food here; at least they have more reason to go here.”

Thank goodness they did—we had a happy and full stomach from the delicious and hearty meals they served.

Your eyes will be definitely fed with how proposal-conducive-looking-place it is and so are your bellies! I am not even exaggerating. All the food was hand-picked and prepared by no other than Marcia Adams herself, we sure did feel like we were Julia Roberts in her Eat. Pray. Love. movie. No joke.

“Everything that we serve, we really chose,” says the brain behind this Mediterranean-garden inspired restaurant.With the world travelled Neil Adams, who oversees quality controls at the restaurant

So why Mediterranean? (P.S. My reiteration of the word is the same as how she repeated it over and over again to me).

Marcia no braining-ly answered, “Wala, I just really like the Mediterranean architecture.” Yes, for something that seemed very well thought of, Marcia’s personality (simple and humble) is an absolute contradiction of how the place looked like—but yes, as simple as she is, this woman sure has an exquisite taste combined with humility to the extremes.

“The original idea was we were looking for an architecture that would fit with our kind of lifestyle and something that won’t clash with the landscape. And so we toyed with New Mexico and Santa Fe architectures but it’s too
closed. I want something candid, candid windows and not so structured, square-ish and that’s when I came across Moroccan architectural books and I liked the idea,”
Marcia beamingly shared.

And that’s where the food ideas followed suit.

“All of the dishes were Mediterranean. There’s Spanish, Turkish, Moroccan, Greek and French. A little representation of the Mediterranean countries.”

“I don’t really say what my best-seller dish is as that is subjective,” shared Mrs. Adams and added, “actually, everything has a following and it all depends on what you feel like eating.”

“I really embraced the Mediterranean flavors with a little bit of modification–we included patis in our dishes but not it is not as emphasized… I try to be as truthful as possible to the cuisine as I cannot do fusion with Mediterranean because it’s Mediterranean,” said Marcia on how she came about the dishes she serves.

“People who come here would say: ‘Oh, this is just like an extension of my kitchen.”

So if you’re thinking of a place to go treat your family, or maybe propose to your LDR girlfriend—be sure to check out Marcia Adams’ Restaurant in Cavite. They can even set up a platform for when you kneel and pop the question or for when you finally say “I do” or it can be as simple and as intimate as reconnecting with your loved ones. The ambiance and food that Marcia Adams serves will surely give you just that, guaranteed!

The garden-themed restaurant is located on the border of Tagaytay and Alfonso – close to Residence Inn Zoo and only 150m from Aguinaldo Highway.

You may reserve your seats (24-hour notice) by texting/calling 0917 801-1456.

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