Featured Product: Kitchen Alchemist’s The Rocket Toraja Coffee Beans infused with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Known to be Indonesia’s most elegant coffee, Toraja coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Sulawesi island, one of the pristine isles in the Celebes sea of Indonesia.

These highly coveted Toraja beans are only produced in small quantities using traditional farming and roasting methods. This coffee bean is a medley of subtle hints of herbs, cocoa with distinguished full bodied richness as well as rustic sweetness.

The combination of nutrient rich coffee beans and CVO, a medium chain triglyceride (MCT), is designed to provide the body a blast of energy, sustained vigor and utmost clarity. This coffee is perfect to clear brain fog and increase one’s metabolism!

CVO is an immunoregulator and a function regulator. These medium chain fatty acids are processed directly  in the liver and easily  converted into usable energy. They enhance the body’s capacity to work better, metabolize better, defend better and heal better.

This product is available at www.elanfood.ca and selected Filipino stores.


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