FE DELOS REYES: The ever-young diva!

Photo grabbed from Music Museum Group’s FB page

By Zsa-zsa C. Zorilla


QUOTE TO PONDER ON: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” – Audrey Hepburn


She started her professional career in 1979 and fast forward to 2017, she is still at it. Let’s do a simple math and that makes her a veteran in the industry with a whopping 38 years of fruitful and continuous career!


Emphasis on “continuous” and you read it right, as she recently had a show in some parts of the United States and a show in Manila: LOLA LAND, The Grandmother of all shows which happened last September 15 at Teatrino Promenade.

Who is she? The one and only stand-up comedienne, actress and singer; well, simply put a “total act” and the “ever young” Miss Fe delos Reyes.

38 YEARS AND COUNTING. She started her professional career with Music & Magic, the leading band of the 1980s, alongside Kuh Ledesma.

Asked on how she was able to do it for such a long period and what drives and motivates her, Miss Fe answered via e-mail interview: “Okay 38 years and I never stopped and never will for as long as I have the energy.”

Adding, “For as long as I’m alive. Show business is my life. The stage, limelight, camera, applause, music, audience and laughter absolutely inspire and fill my world and being.”

“My motivation is the happiness and entertainment I give to my audience and friends. I love entertaining…that’s me.”

MS. BEAN or MS. “PURE” ENERGY? It takes great endurance, strength and lots of energy to switch from a comedienne to a Broadway singer with matching choreography in a snap without missing anything.

Asked where she gets the vigor to perform at her best, she said: “When you love something you do, you will always have the energy.”

Pre-show, you can see how she was very hands-on on the nitty-gritty of the show. She would say what she wants and how she wants things done. She has a great rapport with her director who happens to be her Music & Magic band mate, Mr. Jet Montelibano.

As to how she prepares for her shows, she shared: “Sleep, good food, excellent supplements to your diet, exercise, discipline, having a positive attitude and focus helps me prepare.”

Miss Fe has performed numerous and countless times in her close to four decades career but she shared that there isn’t a favorite or an unforgettable show as, “every performance is unique, special and memorable, and so I don’t really have one in particular.”

A quick search on Google and you will be led to a long list of videos of her performances on Youtube and it can easily be seen and proven that this woman really has the energy and persona any young woman has… or even covet for.

Probed if it’s an innate trait and what goes in her mind and heart, she shared: “I think it is an innate trait. Yet I also have my calm and ‘zen’ moments. We all need that.”

“LOVE is always in my mind and heart.”

She then enumerates what she values: “Well here are the important disciplines in my life: 1. physical health-body; 2. Knowledge; 3. emotions (heart); and 4. Spirituality all these need to be nurtured and taken care of.”

OUTSIDE THE SPOTLIGHT. Just like any actors, performers, at the end of the day when the Broadway curtains have closed, makeup have been washed, Miss Fe embodies a role that is no different to any woman out there.

She shared, “I am a mother, a wife, a grandmother and a friend.”

Miss Fe is a proud mother of four lovely ladies and she added: “My family will always be my priority.”

As to what other activities she is involved with, she said: “I sing in church too. God is good and He helps me manage.”

Her love and devotion for God was proven when we (Miss Fe, Miss Kuh, Miss Isabella, Miss Odette, Miss Cecile, Sir Jet and I) all gathered to offer a prayer before the show begins. Miss Kuh led the prayer and they were all saying their “Amen” in chorus.

She may have a burning passion for her craft and seems to be a “do-all-kind-of-woman”, Miss Fe shares how she is just like each of us.

“I am a normal human being living a life that is simple and happy. I am faced with everyday issues and problems too just like everybody else.”

Drama isn’t only for televisions and Miss Fe had her fair share of it as well. It’s of public knowledge that one of the reasons why she had to leave Music & Magic was to brave the United States upon learning that she has a sister who was adopted.

Everyone is facing their own battles and those are what make us more human. But even so, she quips: “Time doesn’t stop for anyone, life goes on. So, just keep going. Life is too short … so go and live it well.”

AGE IS BUT A NUMBER. Gone are the days when people worries about “getting older” as ageing now is a matter of mentality. Miss Fe can surely attest to that given her rocket-high energy and the various activities she still enjoys and continues on doing.

She’s very generous and shared: “I like to take care of myself… physically, emotionally and spiritually. Humor keeps me going, apart from eating, exercising and sleeping well.”

“And one of my secrets is out. 🙂 I’ve been taking Fountain of Youth Collagen for the past months and I feel great.”

“To look great you MUST feel great inside first. I have stronger nails, thicker hair and softer more supple skin. I notice some obvious fat loss. I have lost weight too. Thank you to Zeala Cortes for introducing me to this amazing product.”

The Fountain of Youth Collagen is “THAT” effective that she’s putting her name on the line for it, adding: “I won’t announce it to the public if it doesn’t work.”


LOLALAND will celebrate women, especially LOLAs like me. There will be lots of music, dance and laughter,” said Miss Fe about the theme of her show.

Her intro performance was Barry Manilow’s Copacabana swapping the lyrics with “The Hottest Lola in Manila.”

Adding, “My special guests are my amazing and dear friends: Cecile Azarcon, Odette Quesada, Jet Montelibano and Miss Kuh Ledesma.”

The first close friend she’s performed with was the composer and lyricist whose songs were popularized by Kuh Ledesma, Martin Nievera, Freddie Aguilar and Basil Valdez.

Miss Cecile Azarcon made a special trip to the Philippines from California just to be able to perform for Miss Fe’s show. She performed, sang while playing the piano, some of her popular songs. The guests were even singing along with her.

Miss Fe and Jet Montelibano then sang and danced ala Emma Watson and Ryan Gosling as they did one of the scene from the 2016 American musical romantic comedy-drama film, La La Land.

(L-R: Zsa-zsa Zorilla, Weng Sarmiento, Paul Sarmiento, Ces Sarmiento, the “ever-young diva” Miss Fe delos Reyes, Dranreb Javier, Fountain of Youth Collagen’s Managing Partner Dra. Maebel Mateo-Laxa and Maelynn Mateo)

Miss Odette Quesada on the other hand said she had not performed in the Philippines for 20 years and truthfully shared, “I hope you remember the song and I hope I remember the lyrics.” The audience giggled with her.

The last of her friends to perform was no other than Miss Kuh Ledesma. Miss Fe said, “Hinintay pa na maging Lola ako bago mag-guest sa show ko.”

She also gleefully shared, “This is the first time that my name is bigger than hers.”

When Miss Kuh went up the stage, she said: “You are only as young as your attitude.”

Lola Land will also be presented abroad.

“Yes, it will be shown in America… Right now: Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York are the cities on calendar.”

With three cities listed, Miss Fe is still hoping that there will be more and she is sure to keep us posted.

Miss Fe delos Reyes is someone we can really look up to. She is a living proof that anyone can defy age as it’s just a number and can continue doing what they do best for as long as they want to.

She ended the interview by saying, “Life is not that serious. Take humor more seriously and happiness is a decision. Cheers!”



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