Andi Eigenmann: Blossoming star

Born as Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann in June 25, 1990, to celebrity parents, Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose and is of Kapampangan, American, German and Spanish descent, she has always been present in the talks of the showbiz world.

Dubbed as the “princess of the Philippine teleserye” Eigenmann started her showbiz career back in 2007 when she first appeared in ABS-CBN’s soap opera, Prinsesa ng Banyera, where she played the role of Sandy. She then joined the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus in 2008.

She was also one of the 12 finalists of the MYX VJ Search in 2009.

This 23-year-old actress had her break when she played the lead and the title role in the fantasy drama series of ABS-CBN, Agua Bendita. Here she played a dual role, Agua and Bendita. Ratings went through the roof because she portrayed it well, the normal twin (Bendita) and the one with a physical defect (Agua). Viewers loved her.

2010 was a good year for Andi because she starred in eight episodes of Your Song Presents where she played different characters showcasing her talents. She also starred in two films, Mamarazzi and Shake, Rattle and Roll 12.

In the following year, Andi played the role of Gabrielle “Gabby” Marcelo in a family military drama series, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin alongside Maja Salvador and Coco Martin.

On Hiatus

Eigenmann’s showbiz career was put to a halt when the news of her pregnancy broke out. The actress’ alleged pregnancy started surfacing after a blind item appeared in a blog in June 23, 2011. Jaclyn Jose, Andi’s mother, then confirmed her pregnancy in a live interview with Mario Dumaual on TV Patrol on June 29.

Andi Eigenmann’s pregnancy was bombarded with controversies. Guesses of who the father was, was a hot topic. Jaclyn didn’t name who got her daughter pregnant but stated that it was Andi’s first boyfriend, that brought about more noise.

Andi in September 23, 2011, revealed in her blog that the father of her child was Albie Casiño, an actor who starred in the hit remake of Mara Clara.

“Maybe instead of feeling bad that Albie left me to take on this responsibility by myself, I should thank him for giving me the opportunity to go out and find genuine happiness once again. I’d obviously love for him to be around eventually. You know, to save myself the struggle to find a good way to explain his absence to his child. At the same time, I’d understand. Cus (sic) after all, I have no idea who or what kind of a person all the fame and fortune has turned him into now. All I hope is that he’s well,” posted Andi but later on changed Albie’s name to just “daddy”.

But Casiño denied it to be true.

The young actress gave birth to a healthy baby girl on November 23, 2011 at St. Luke’s Medical Center via caesarean section and named her “Adrianna Gabrielle”, with the nickname “Baby Ellie”.

Young mother, no regrets

In an article posted last September 15, 2012 on, Andi said on her baby girl, “She looks like a marshmallow, I swear! She’s my happiness. I’m so happy to have her in my life. She’s such a happy baby. She’s always laughing and smiling. I feel like she’s going to be a supermodel one-day. I just hope she doesn’t inherit my height!”

As a single mother, Andi Eigenmann wanted to raise her daughter “to become an honest person.”

“I will never lie to my daughter. I will make her grow up to be someone who is not afraid to be herself in front of other people,” shared Andi to

Asked what she dreams for her daughter, Andi told, “I want Ellie to be happy all her life, and content with what she has. I hope to provide everything she needs; yet I’d like her to stay grounded. I want her to have a big heart and see that life is a beautiful thing.”

Andi shared that she learned “to be strong and stay strong, no matter what.” She added that it has taught her to keep fighting and never give up. “It has proven to me that no matter what my heart desires, as long as I believe, it will come to me. Just like Ellie did!”

Asked what advise she would give her daughter about love and men when she grows up, Andi told, “I’ll tell her to always be smart when it comes to those things. I’ll tell her to respect herself first, and that it’s okay to take her time. She has to be super-picky!”

Andi is known and loved for her honesty and her optimist view of things. Projects kept pouring in; Kahit Puso’y Masugatan, Pridyider and A Secret Affair were her projects for 2012 alone.

Though her come back in showbusiness was not without controversies. e.g. Albie Casiño’s slapping incident, and Andi’s announcement of Casiño’s beating. Andi has risen like a Phoenix born from the ashes. She weathered the storm, came out a victor and is soared high.

Andi in Dyesebel

Andi in Dyesebel

Andi Eigenmann currently plays the role of Betty in “Dyesebel”, Anne Curtis’ rival to their love interest, Fredo, played by Gerald Anderson. She’s one of the most awaited and celebrated actors in the said primetime teleserye.

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